The Top 5 Things You Wish You’d Brought Camping While Camping

The Top 5 Things You Wish You’d Brought Camping While Camping

When you're heading out for a camping trip, there are a lot of options for things you can bring. Now-a-days, there is gear to solve just about every problem. With so many choices on what to bring, the team at Outer Limit Supply wanted to share a few versatile items that, no matter the age or experience level of camper, are considered useful to bring because of just how many useful things they do - or just out of the fact that they increase the quality of the trip.
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Are you looking to maximize your outdoor adventures? People have been forced outside of their standard extracurricular activities, and into what enthusiasts call a lifestyle. People who’ve been camping or going outdoors for a long time make it look easy on social media, but for someone who’s starting out, there's much to learn.

Novices tend to over or under prepare. The most important thing about camping is to bring exactly what you might need and nothing more. Camping, backpacking or distance hiking is all about sustainability and efficiency at the end of the day. Don’t expect to go far if you’ve got 50 pounds on your back.

You might ask, “what the heck do you mean by ‘bring exactly what you might need?’” Confusing right? That’s why we’ve put together this article - to give both novices and advanced hikers ideas and suggestions about how to improve your camping experience, no matter what level you’re at.

Having a lightweight and durable tent is what it’s all about. Oftentimes, if you save on price, you’ll sacrifice quality in some form or another. If you plan on hiking and being away from base camp for more than one night, don't be cheap. No matter where you go, the weather isn't predictable. It could be sunny blue skies and not a cloud in sight, to snowstorm in an hour depending on where you are, the speed at which you’re moving, etc. Having a dependable structure that will keep you safe from the environment is key to enjoying your time. If you go too low in quality, the wind will blow you over, but what’s worse is getting wet or not being able to stay warm?

One of the most underrated activities by novice hikers or campers is getting high quality sleep. If you sleep more, you’ll be better equipped to handle situations that aren’t planned, and you’ll be able to go further on your journey while maintaining the best health. If your health deteriorates, you will need to return to base camp or home. We all chase thrills, so best be in it for the journey.

Being able to cook while camping outdoors is a privilege. Regular food just tastes better; a banana never tastes better than when you've had trail mix for three days. If you'd like to keep your health and energy levels up, having a small grill is going to be one thing you'd wish you brought camping, while camping. The difference between having a grill and not is astronomical when you think about how quality food impacts your mood. So grill up those fish you caught that day and enjoy!

Note: This could be substituted for our staff pick, a Tembo Tusk

Morning coffee in the mountains above the fog is one of my best memories from my outdoor trips. Heck, coffee in the morning at home is also one of my fondest memories. You shouldn't have to sacrifice that one morning routine that brings joy into your life. Plus your friends and family will thank you for not skimping on the morning caffeine. It's the one thing that hypes us up and gets us rolling for the day. Why would you want to miss out on that while on a great outdoor adventure? Being outside is about reminding yourself what it means to be alive, not zombie mornings and caffeine headaches. If you’re like me, you know what happens when you skip your morning cup of joe.

Have you ever tried to bring a coffee maker into the tent? Well, without a generator (power source), you're going to be outta luck. Hikers brew is a coffee company specifically formulating their pouches for hikers, by hikers. The pouches need to be heated up with a small amount of water, and you're set to enjoy a cup and the view.

After a great cup of coffee and you’re on to your day’s adventure. More than ever, platforms like Instagram are offering our brains little incentives to take that extra risk while outdoors. It’s easy to find yourself in dangerous situations. Heck, they don't call accidents, accidents for no reason. I’ve said to myself while climbing up 20 ft. tall rock to the top of the waterfall, to get that perfect pic, “I sure hope I don’t fall.” Even the thought of falling in that moment could freak someone out enough to where they actually fall. Whether you wipe out scrambling up a waterfall, over a pile of boulders or just sprain an ankle from a heavy pack, you’ll be stoked you brought your Outer Limit Supply Kit.

Our waterproof individual first aid kits come complete with everything that you’ll need for your next outdoor adventure. You can swap the gear you’ll need for the terrain you’ll be camping in. They're great for basecamp on hiking or overlanding trips.

You can further customize what's in the kit based on the terrain, climate, and individuals on the trip. Out of the interest of life over death, you'll want to take the time to plan this out so you're best prepared to handle any situation that could arise.

The Outer Limit Supply Individual First Aid Kit stands out for its durability (indestructible when a 18-wheeler drove over it) and its custom options. A first-responder and outdoors enthusiast truly knows what you might need. They're built with quality and assurance to be there when you need it.

5. Parachute cord

One of the most under-rated and oftentimes left out items for survival is your para cord. I can tell you from experience, I don't even think google knows all the practical uses for para cord in tricky situations. You can buy 100 ft. of high quality para cord for less than $10 and it practically weighs nothing. One can buy key chain size para cords with 5-25 ft. that fits in your change pocket. You might doubt this now, but wait until you need to hem a tent, pair of pants, water catcher, hammock, or even to tie down some of your belongings on the way home.

The point of this article was to give you some insight into what novices don't often times realize are worth the extra bucks. Whilst being outdoors, it's important to remember that we go outdoors to experience and enjoy life. Packing light ensures you'll enjoy the trip because your back won’t hurt, but packing right ensures that you're prepared, and being prepared for the outdoors is the best feeling in the world.

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