The Best 3 Places To Visit In Colorado During The Winter

The Best 3 Places To Visit In Colorado During The Winter

Colorado has many beautiful places to explore. If it's your first time, make sure you plan to get some of the most picture worthy places out of the way. After all, I've been to some of these places more times than I can count.
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Colorado is one of the best states to visit during any time of the year, but specially during winter. Its diverse climate makes it an attraction for everyone around the world. Your personality determines where you should visit. If you are someone who likes being around lots of people, then Colorado may not the best place for you to visit. Colorado is spaced out and has a ton of back country spots for people to visit.

As someone who enjoys beautiful, snowed on, wide open spaces yet within reach of beautiful places to ski and snowboard for the entire family, these are my favorite places to visit in Colorado during the winter.

Telluride is a small and stunning mountain town located in the Southwest corner of Colorado. The village is somewhat like walking into a frosty themed TV show. The colors of the buildings and lights in town, the extreme heights of the mountains surrounding the city, and the general vibe of the town are the greatest kept secret Colorado has to offer. With over 2000 acres of ski able terrain, you'll have a ton of space to go hard.

2. Aspen

Aspen is probably the most well-known ski and snowboard spot in central Colorado, and people come from all over to visit Aspen. The mountain offers a ton of options for every level of rider, and views of some of the most beautiful places on earth. Every day in Aspen holds a different opportunity for greatness, moments cannot be duplicated, and inspiration is everywhere you look. The climate tends to not limit the plethora of options for hiking and recreation in the area. The hustle and bustle of the town is sure to inspire greatness from anyone that visits. Culture is incredible and it's a big enough place to always find something that will help lighten the mood.

3. Vail

Vail is recognized as the Premier International Resort Community, with over 5k permanent residents and another 5k part-timer's, the speed of the town is lax, often times viewed by outsiders as 'posh'. A community of alpine living at it's finest. The surrounding areas are dense with forest, over 350,000 acres of forest to be exact. The resort mountain has over 5,000 ski able acres, making it one of the largest and best ski mountains in the world. Town is filled with unique architecture, making it feel like you've stepped into a story-book. Luxury, friendly neighborhoods, and breath-taking views are Vail staples.

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