What's The Best Thing About A Quick Release Mount On Your MedKit?

What's The Best Thing About A Quick Release Mount On Your MedKit?

Sometimes members of our community express a lack of understanding about how great the Outer Limit Supply Quick Release System is.  This article is to help break down the applications associated with the system. 

The main point: Our quick-release system mounts to the back of one of the Outer Limit Supply Waterproof First Aid Kits and to a rack or wall. Then you're able to conveniently move your FAK around as it's needed. 

Outer Limit Supply owns the patent on this product. 

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An Outer Limit Supply quick release mount and plate system lets you quickly place your Outer Limit Supply Medkit anywhere you may need it.

Sometimes, it’s best to have a kit on the outside of your Truck, RV, or ATV, and other times safely mounted in the garage. Life is all about fluidity, and the quick release system is meant to make it easy to move around and effectively store your FAK in the right place, for the right time. 

You wouldn't want to go into the great beyond on your ATV with your kit stuck on your trailer, right? Simply pull the red tab and relocate your first aid kit via an Additional Base Plate. As the saying goes, it’s better to have than to have not! 

Furthermore, mount a base plate in your garage, that way if you’re not headed somewhere dangerous, you’ll have your Medical Kit in your home. Statistically speaking, injuries occur more where you spend the majority of your time, but you’ll also be reminded to swap in or out the medical supplies you need before you head off for an adventure. 

The speed that anyone can retrieve our quick release med kit in an emergency will impress even the most seasoned First Responder! It takes about 2 or 3 tries to become a pro at pulling a kit off fast. In an emergency, you haven’t got time to waste, and you wouldn't want someone to waste time if you're the one bleeding out and in need of a tourniquet.
Ok, now onto the good stuff:

Critical Benefit #1

Our quick release system secures the kit so that it will not become a projectile in the event of an accident. In other words, things (or people) get thrown from vehicles in the event of emergencies. Our system is strong enough to hold even through a violent crash. 

Critical Benefit #2

It allows us to keep a FAK (First Aid Kit) in a standard and consistent location that everyone knows.  Most FAK’s get moved around, stuffed under a seat or gear, and no one knows where it is when it’s needed.  

Overall, mounting your Outer Limit Supply First Aid Kit is ideal when it comes to flexibility and convenience, but also crucial for group travel and safety. If you’re gonna go, go prepared!

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