Safe Boating is Happy Boating

Safe Boating is Happy Boating

Safe boating is happy boating. Lots of things can happen outside of seasickness or drowning. This article touches on a real life example of a fun day out boating - gone wrong and how you can better prepare yourself to handle a situation out on the water.

Safe Boating is Happy Boating.

Boating is one of the recreational activities that most people don’t think of as dangerous - if you do, the first two risks one will typically associate is seasickness and drowning. For seasickness, two over the counter drugs can be purchased at most drug stores called Cyclizine (Marezine) and Dimenhydrinate (Dramamine). For drowning, CPR can revive someone if they’re rescued quick enough. All of Outer Limit Supply Med Kits come with Meclizine, so you shouldn’t have to purchase anything separately. 

Aside from boating, most people don’t think or know about the circle of death. This is when someone falls overboard and is mauled by the motor. It’s more common than you’d think, and even more so if alcohol is in the mix.

For instance, I knew about a young pilot in training at the US Air Force Academy who went out for a casual river boat ride with his buddies one day, fell overboard, and had their entire pilot career shelved forever when he fell in and the drunk boat driver didn’t kill the engine, he was cut by it twice - hence the name circle of death. There was no Med Kit onboard and the young pilot was lucky to live to tell the tale, but he never could fly again.

Having a high quality kit with all the essentials to actually save a life in danger onboard is critical. Remember to have a med kit that will not allow the contents to get wet. Outer Limit Supply Med Kits are tested under rigorous conditions to make sure they don’t let any water or moisture in. If you’re gonna go, go prepared.

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