Medications Refill Pack (Large)
Medications Refill Pack (Large)

Medications Refill Pack (Large)

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Carefully crafted to replenish medications to ease pain as a result of an injury when outside reach of the 911 system.

From diabetic emergencies to cardiac chest pain or headache relief; this refill covers it all.

Complete refill of medications for 6000 & 6500 Series OLS First Aid Kits. 


(5) Aspirin (Chest Pain)
(5) Cetafen Extra Strength (Non-Aspirin)
(5) Diotame (Diarrhea)
(5) Exaprin (Pain Relief)
(5) Histaprin (Allergic Reaction)
(5) Ibuprofen (Pain Relief)
(5) Medi Lyte (Dehydration)
(2) Medi Meclizine (Nausea, Vomiting, Dizziness From Motion Sickness)
(1) Glucose Tube (Low Blood Sugar)
(1) Reference Card (Dose Indications for Adults & Children)

Customer Reviews

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Jeff R

It's so nice they sell these refills. Thanks for keeping my friends and family safe!

Good but some will expire in a few months

The kit is good but some will expire in a few months. The glucose pack is flatter than the original, so it's able to fit in the med kit wallet better. It is less glucose than the original by a little bit, but ideally enough for emergency needs. As long as you keep an eye on the expiration dates, this kit is cheaper than buying bulk of everything you would need to buy to make a similar kit, unless you're replacing multiple med pack kits at a time. Delivery was fine. The packaging is messy when opening it, but that's the envelope design to keep it "green".

Makes it easy and affordable to keep all the medications current

The OLS refill kit makes it easy and affordable to keep all the medications current. I have no problem using slightly expired medications but these may be given to another person and I'd hate to hand them an expired package. Plus, 4x4 storage conditions can be harsh, going from hot to cold and getting jostled all the time. Better to spend a small bit and be sure. thanks!