Individual First Aid Kit Sling
Individual First Aid Kit Sling
Individual First Aid Kit Sling
Individual First Aid Kit Sling
Individual First Aid Kit Sling

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Individual First Aid Kit Sling

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Color Choice::Olive w/ Red Stitching

The Individual First Aid Sling is a great choice for a solo traveler. Known for completeness, lightweight, and durability.

This Med Kit Will: 

  • Care for (1) one or (2) two individuals, depending on the severity of injury
  • Treat traumatic cuts, scrapes, heavy bleeding and avoid dangerous infections or loss of life
  • Manage burns, gunshot wounds, sprains or breaks
  • Includes lifesaving medication. (cardiac, diabetes, allergic reaction, etc)

The main compartment contains the bulk of the medical equipment.
The external pocket provides quick access to your bleeding control equipment (tourniquet, chest seals, pressure dressing, and wound packing material). 

There's a Velcro concealed-carry sleeve inside the back panel if you're into that sorta thing! Equipped with an ambidextrous strap for right or left shoulder carry.

(HSA) & (FSA) eligible
Designed and assembled in Colorado, USA. 


(1) 1″ X 5 Yards Adhesive Tape 
(1) BurnAid® 4” x 4” Burn Dressing 
(3) 2” x 2”  Gauze Pads 
(3) 3″ Rolled Gauze 
(2) 4” Rolled Gauze 
(3) 3” x 3” Gauze Pads 
(3) 4” x 4” Gauze Pads 
(1) 5″ x 9″ Abdominal Pad 
(5) 1” x 3” Woven Elastic Patch Bandages 
(5) 2” x 3” Elastic Patch Bandages
(5) Elastic Knuckle Bandages
(5) Finger Wraps XL
(5) XL Elastic Fingertip Bandages
(20) Butterfly Closures
(1) Eye Pads (1 Pair)


    (1) Tourniquet~ C-A-T® or SOF® Tactical Tourniquet Wide
    (2) Self-venting Chest Seals
    (1) Emergency Trauma Dressing
    (1) S-Rolled Gauze
    (1) 4"x 9' Esmark Bandage
    (1) Moldable Splint
    (6) Antiseptic Wipes
    (3) Hand Sanitizer
    (10) Antibiotic Ointment Packets
    (10) Anti-itch Hydrocortisone Cream Packets
    (4) Sooth a Sting Swabs
    (2) Sunscreen
    (1) Basic First Aid Booklet
    (1) Emergency Survival Blanket
    (2) Nitrile Exam Gloves (4 pair)
    (1) Triangle Bandage
    (1) Rescue Whistle
    (1) Trauma Shears
    (1) Tweezers
    (1) CPR Shield


    (1) Medication Organizer
    (1) Medication Reference Card
    (2) Aspirin (Chest Pain)
    (1) Glucose Tube (Low Blood Sugar)
    (2) Cetafen Extra Strength (Non-Aspirin)
    (2) Diotame (Diarrhea)
    (2) Exaprin (Pain Relief)
    (2) Histaprin (Allergic Reaction)
    (2) Ibuprofen (Pain Relief)
    (2) Medi Lyte (Dehydration)
    (2) Medi Meclizine (Motion Sickness)

    Size: 8"W x 12"H x 6"D