2017 Set Them Free Fundraiser Results:

Together we raised $4,000 in 5 days. It was our pleasure to raffle OLS items off as donations came in throughout the week. Here are the winners for each night:

Day 1: Cathy Goodheart

  • Black OLS case filled with an RTIC tumbler, SOF-Tatical Tourniquet, OLS cups, and a magnetic worklight.

Day 2: Ben Roueche

  • Weekend Warior Series First Aid Kit with RTIC water bottle

Day 3: Jessica Bradley

  • Day Tripper Series First Aid Kit

Day 4: Brian Daugherty

  • IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit)

Day 5: Robert Mangione

  • OLS Black Case w/ an IFAK inside

Grand Prize Winner:

Day 6: Brandon Day

  • Outback Series First Aid Kit with an OLS quick release mount!

Need more convincing? Maarko is one of three children rescued with the funds we raised last year:

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Outer Limit Supply on Crowdrise

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Outer Limit Supply on Crowdrise
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