Solo First Aid Kit
Solo First Aid Kit
Solo First Aid Kit

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Solo First Aid Kit

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Tired of bulky kits or your typical "boo boo kit with band-aids?" Ready to truly prepare yourself? The Solo is compact and equipped with essential life-saving supplies to keep you safe while you’re out doing what you do!

  • Compact, water-resistant, and lightweight
  • Packable for on-the-go carry
  • Contains bleeding control supplies
  • Molle compatible with headrest tear-off panel

*(HSA) & (FSA) Approved


(2 pair) Large Nitrile Exam Gloves 
(1) Metal Tweezers
(1) Rescue Whistle
(1) Emergency survival blanket
(1) 4" x 4" Gauze Pads 
(1) 1" x 3" Flexible Fabric Bandage
(1) Bandage Xlarge Fabric
(1) Knuckle Bandage
(1) Fingertip Bandage Small
(1) Hand Sanitizer Pack
(1) Sunscreen Packs
(1) Wound Wipe Packs
(1) 3" x 4" Mole skin 
(1) Triangle bandage
(1) Trauma Shears
(1) Ointment Pack

WEIGHT: 1.14 lbs.
DIMENSIONS 6w x 7h x 5d inches